A woman who embraces her femininity is a woman who knows her power.


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Hey, I am Fareen

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I am a Intimacy, Relationship & Attraction Expert that will help you attract dream love and empower you to achieve independent wealth, find purpose and vision in life.

I’m also a lawyer, entrepreneur and best selling author. I’ve been personally trained and certified by world-renowned author Dr. John Gray in gender intelligence and certified as an NLP and Timeline Therapy Practitioner.

I have a unique and specialized method for mastering the mind, overcoming negative emotions and vanquishing negative habitual patterning that blocks the love and wealth you so desperately desire and deserve.

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Four Habits That Drive Men Wild 

When we think about what would drive a man wild, we presume it must be related to our beauty or...

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In this blog post, I address the following viewer question: "Hi Fareen! Could you please do a...

How to speak to a man? How men want to be spoken to when you’re upset

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Fareen is literally the most genuine person I have ever met! She’s not looking for money or fame, she’s literally looking to make an impact in people’s lives!!!

– Sara

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Today I am a different person. Less than 3 months of work (and all thanks to You!!!) There are no more screaming matches, things being thrown or meltdowns. I am less critical of myself and others. I laugh more and take things less seriously. I feel more confidence and hope, and I want to live again. 

– Sarah S.
Registered Dental Hygienist

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