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Hi, I am Fareen!

I’m an Intimacy, Relationship and Attraction Expert. I have a Graduate Degree in Honours Sociology, a Post-Graduate Degree in Law, and I am certified in Gender Intelligence and NeuroLinguistic/Timeline Therapy.

I had a difficult upbringing. I lived in government housing with my mother, who suffered from mental illness while working multiple jobs and attending graduate school while caring for her. It wasn’t easy navigating my life and needs while also taking care of my mother’s needs and emotional instability. My father was not present during this time. There is much more to the story.

I received scholarships to fund my education and I went on to become a litigation attorney. I practiced as a litigation attorney for nearly ten years, where I gathered information on the dynamics between men and women and the inherent energies that govern human behaviour.

I have since dedicated my life to helping accomplished women unleash their femininity, heal their emotional bodies, and rewire the survival mind that keeps them from embodying their authentic essence.

I am passionate about Feminine Energy Embodiment in both love and leadership. I have developed a unique and specialized method for mastering the mind, overcoming emotional blocks, and relieving habitual negative patterning.

My mission:

Femininity is a woman’s superpower.

Femininity is far from weak

The standard conceptualised notion of femininity has and continues to be distorted. There is nothing weak about embracing one’s femininity, in fact, I would argue that it requires great strength and vulnerability, to be, as we’ve been designed to be. For women, that would be open-hearted. Although men, particularly conscious masculinity is open hearted, the tendency is to be guarded at the onset.

This is necessary for masculinity as the primary focus is to ensure that things are in order. A man that is open hearted will generally be guided by impulse first, and if his instincts are in the way, his cognitive faculties are hampered and his decision making will be impeached. Organic femininity leads with her heart, while masculinity leads with logic, both meeting in the middle at some point. A feminine woman will allow her heart to guide her. She will trust her feelings.

That does not mean that she lacks impulse control, it’s quite the opposite. She will trust her heart moment to moment, as her own level of masculinity will afford her the opportunity to do so. Meaning, she will not get ahead. When we have not effectively integrated, we are essentially out of balance. This is where the unhealthy feminine steps in and pines and overworks to make love happen.

The unhealthy feminine seeks to control and makes things happen because of he lack of safety she feels within her own heart. The degree to which she is out of balance will reflect the type of man she is able to draw in. Generally, healthy masculinity, although open-hearted, will pace courtship. Although he will have an overall feeling when he meets a woman where she is in terms of her level of embodiment, he will continue to monitor his feelings and observe her actions to ensure there is consistency.

A woman’s level of femininity will allow a man to comfortably drop into his heart. Her ability to be open, authentic, vulnerable, playful and free in who she is, will attract a man that will emanate the same level of confidence.

Ultimately we are seeking wholeness and on a deeper level will mate with partners that will help us integrate our non-dominant energy. The more that we have healed and peeled back the layers that keep us from who we naturally are, the faster we will attract a partner that will be of complement to who we are.

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