Secrets of the Feminine Woman – eBook

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The tenets of femininity and the principles of becoming the Feminine Woman cannot be fully grasped from an intellectual standpoint alone. It cannot be learned using the traditional approach. At the core of this concept is the “feeling,” which is where and how femininity can be taught and understood.

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The key to comprehending feminine energy is to accept the undeniable fact that femininity ceases to exist in the absence of the ability to feel. The ability to feel is the gateway to accessing feminine energy.

The Feminine Woman possesses an unwavering devotion, compassion and sense of protectiveness toward every aspect of herself, specifically her “inner child.” Hence, the Feminine Woman must constantly be attuned to herself and her inner child. She also has a firm belief that she is “good enough” and worthy of love, wealth, abundance, and happiness.

She refrains from comparing herself to others because doing so is a negative behaviour emanating from a negative ego. The Feminine Woman is free from the need for any external validation because she genuinely likes who she is, and because of this, she chooses to be her authentic self at all times. She knows exactly what she wants and isn't waiting around for someone else to fix her problems or provide her guidance. She has a clear idea of what she wants and isn't afraid to go for it.