What Men Want – eBook

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What Men Want: The Ultimate Guide to a Masculine Man’s Heart, as the title suggests, starts and ends with love, but the journey from what you think love is at the beginning to what you know it is at the end is one you will not forget. The core of the work is emotional energy, and how masculine men and feminine women can best embody that energy when dealing with each other.

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The work is not a list of instructions or banned behaviors. It offers thoughtful descriptions of high-value and low-value behaviors and thus high-value and low-value men and women. There is no preaching, here, however; anyone who in a low-value state may be there only temporarily. Anyone who is in that position can get out of it by applying what they learn from What Men Want.

One of the most striking things about the work is that it doesn’t insist on radical changes of diet, lifestyle or outlook. As one reads through it, a key realization slowly dawns: being a masculine man or a feminine woman—and thus high value in either case—is simply a matter of doing what feels right in the first place. It is a matter of staying in tune with one’s emotional energy, about setting boundaries and about following cues.

And that is what helps make What Men Want so successful; even as it brings us back in touch with where the happiest human relationships have always thrived, it does so by equipping us with both big-picture and practical guidance.