Dear Valentine

by | Feb 14, 2021 | Attraction

Most of you will assume I’m going to post some lovey-dovey post today – boy, are you in for a surprise.

I’m pragmatic. The truth is, Valentine’s Day is just another day. What makes this day oh so special is it highlights your emotional home. If on a day-to-day, you feel miserable inside, full of resentment towards yourself and others – this day is going to be absolutely heartbreaking! You’ll be desperately seeking attention from your partner for some morsels of attention, which, by the way, he’s required to give you because it would make him look like a jerk if he didn’t buy you flowers today. And you’ll be online comparing his actions towards every other man, poor guy! You’ll be seeking love, validation and attention outside yourself, and you’ll be feeling extremely bad. This applies whether you’re single or in a relationship. And if you’re in a relationship and consistently you’re not feeling good about who you are as a woman, today will be absolutely miserable for him! He will be counting down the minutes for the day to be over – because, on this one day, he’s REQUIRED to show up. Otherwise, he will look like a total jerk, and because men always want to do the “right” thing, he will do just what’s enough. He won’t want to, though! And you’ll know it, because every other day, you don’t get flowers. Every other day, you don’t feel loved, special and adored by him or anyone else.

And let me give you a huge hard dose of reality today, that is not on him or anyone else! Your emotional home is entirely your responsibility.

And nothing, let me repeat this NOTHING can and should impact your state of being. If you’re looking for the outside world to validate you, you will absolutely get that, and it will be what your present day-to-day emotional home rests at.

You will never get glimpses of what true love, freedom, peace and excitement feel like until you master that within! And for those of you that feel nothing on a day to day because you’re so masculine you’ve disconnected with your emotional center – you’ll busy yourself with work today, and your life is an absolute bore.

So to conclude, today is just simply a day. And yes, I am the biggest romantic at heart, but I feel this way every day! Seriously, every day. I feel love, peace, excitement, serenity and calm – every single day – despite what happens. I’ve trained myself to depend on myself to feel good – and guess what, my world and everyone in it – validate this feeling every single day!

The best thing you can do for yourself today is check-in. How are you feeling today? Because, if you’re in a relationship, today should just feel like another day with an added twist of fun, and I say little – because every day you should feel special, loved and magical – not from him, but because you already feel that – and he f***** loves it and wants to pour more of that on you! And if you’re single, today should also just be a day! Lol, sprinkled with extra chocolate and take out.

So I’m sorry, and yes, I’m a love coach, and maybe this isn’t what you wanted to hear.

But I’m pragmatic, realistic and have had way too much life experience to pour on bullshit today.

Love starts and ends with you.



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