How to be a High-Value Feminine Energy Woman that Masculine Men Deeply Desire!

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How to be a High-Value Feminine Energy Woman

There are several keys to being a high-value feminine energy woman; everyone will have their take and spin on this.

What is important for you to keep in mind is what you perceive as high-value; what you perceive in others that you find favourable is what you deem “high-value.”  You innately know and feel what high value means to you, and you will be drawn to women that possess these qualities. I use high-value and feminine energy together as feminine energy women possess high-value qualities.

Interesting right?

Before we go into the qualities of what I perceive to be high-value, I encourage you to take some time to jot down what you believe to be high-value.

Inner work is the process of going inward. We want to be mindful of accumulating knowledge. You want to learn, yes, but more importantly, you want to follow those that embody the teaching and do the inner examination of self so that you can heal and transform. Knowledge without embodiment can only get you so far.

Okay, so back to what it means to be a high-value feminine energy woman. To you, what does high value mean? Reflect on the women that you are drawn to; what qualities do they have that you admire? Those are qualities that you perceive as being high-value.

So what is high value?

High value is the perception that we hold about an individual. It is a favourable perception. 

When we believe someone is high-value, we believe them to have “something” about them, and usually, we’ll also desire that trait. Think about that for a second. High-value people have this “something” about them that makes them, let’s say, special. They possess characteristics and traits that make them desirable.

If you want to be a High-Value Feminine Energy Woman, this is what I would focus on first:

    1. Be Self-Focused:

High-Value Feminine Energy Women put themselves first. That doesn’t mean they don’t do things for others or think of others; they do. And in “Secrets of the Feminine Woman,” I get more into that. Being self-focused means that energy is focused inward and toward self rather than externally focused. Some examples of the way that I am self-focused are:

  • I focus on what feels good to me before I look to do anything or please anyone;
  • With a man, I focus more on what I want versus what he wants;
  • I focus inward rather than outward to create the world I want;
  • When my inner world does not match my outer world, or there is incongruence, I look inward to make changes;
  • I validate myself versus looking for external validation.

  1. Learn to love yourself:

High-value feminine energy women love themselves. That means various things and will vary depending on the person. To me, loving yourself isn’t doing the easy things; it’s doing the difficult things you know you must do to have a better life.  High-value feminine energy women will take the necessary steps to improve their lives no matter what and how hard that is. A few examples from my own life are:

– Taking steps to educate myself when I didn’t have the money or support – I took out student loans. I knew that I wanted to be better than my circumstances. And the circumstances that I was in at one point were not great.

– Taking steps to move out of government housing into my studio apartment when I was in school because living with my mother was unhealthy. That was difficult since I didn’t have the money, but I knew it was important for me and my mindset to separate myself from her.

– Removing unhealthy people from my life and separating myself from my family. This wasn’t easy for me because I am a feminine woman who desires connection. But what would happen is I found people would take advantage of my kindness. Now it’s no one’s fault because I struggled with boundaries. 

Loving yourself means you take care of yourself at the deepest level. It is not about getting your hair, nails, or anything superficial. It means to see yourself as you are without all of the extra fluff.

  1. Become Emotionally Intelligent:

Understanding your emotional world and your emotions is so important. High-value feminine women take responsibility for their emotions and are not victims. They also do not bully, force or manipulate others with their emotions. Becoming emotionally fit and intelligent requires self-awareness and a real desire to become more than your past and negative emotions.

  1. Learn to be Self-Sufficient:

High-value women do not depend on others to meet their needs. They take care of their basic needs and move forward in their life. They do not depend on anyone to get things done. Now, this is distinct from wanting a partner to experience life with. I need my partner, and he knows that. I am happier and feel just more of who I am with him. But that does not mean I do not already feel those things within myself. It starts and stems from me first.

  1. Educate Yourself:

High-Value feminine energy women are educated. They are literate and desire to learn something new often. They have an idea of what is happening worldwide and can have intelligent conversations.

  1. Hire a Mentor:

High-value feminine women take the initiative to hire a mentor when they are stuck or in areas in which they would like improvement or have not seen any movement. There is no shame in seeking help; high-value feminine women will seek help to move forward. They believe in mentorship and guidance and will not sit on the sidelines and mope about things not working out without putting all their effort into clearing their blocks.

  1. Focus on Being friendly and Kind:

High-value feminine energy women are friendly, warm and kind toward others. They have happy dispositions and are, therefore, pleasurable to be around.

  1. Develop your Intuition:

High-value feminine energy women trust their intuition. Developing your intuition is one of the smartest things a woman can do. Our intuition is always speaking to us, and the more we can tune in and follow through with action, the more pleasurable our lives will be because our intuition is always directing us toward our highest and most fulfilling life path.

This is not an exhaustive list; there are many more components to being and becoming a high-value feminine energy woman. I would recommend reading “Secrets of the Feminine Woman, Revealed,” where I detail the importance of femininity and developing our essence. All the qualities I’ve mentioned are ones I embody and live by, and they are all components of being a feminine energy woman.


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