It’s important not to coddle men.

by | Dec 6, 2023 | Attraction, Dating, Feminine Energy, Masculine Energy, Relationships

If you want to attract and keep a masculine energy man, you need to learn to respect him as a man. Men do not want to be controlled, and babying a man looks like telling him what to do and what not to do and sharing your upset feelings with him regarding him frequently. 

When we haven’t done our inner work, we can be very untrusting and controlling and push away true connections with men and even with people. Healthy people find being around people who want to manage them very uncomfortable. It feels very bad. Healthy individuals with secure attachments and a healthy self-concept manage themselves and, therefore, trust that others can also manage themselves. 

You manage a man because you don’t trust him. You don’t trust that he can figure it out or get the job done. What you want to ask yourself is, why are you with a man that you don’t trust? 

The more trust you put in your partner by empowering him and stepping back, the healthier your relationship will be. 

Feminine men want to be controlled. They want a mother and feel safe in a dynamic where they are being parented. They will not speak up when you are rude, bossy or even worse bitchy. They will not only take it, they will appease you. This is damaging to a man’s healthy self-esteem and creates narcissistic tendencies in women as they are not held accountable and checked for their bad behaviour. 

Healthy masculine men will not tolerate disrespect. Period. If they can’t leave the dynamic because of kids or other ties, they will rebel, pull away and not want to do more for you. You cannot push a masculine man to do more for you or to be romantic; it has to come from their feelings of wanting to take care of you and being pulled to you. 

The unhealthy masculine has not integrated his feminine and lacks emotional intelligence. You will not get any vulnerability from him, and your relationship will be flat. No passion. It can work if both partners are in this energy since they are companions. Both individuals are very insecure and know they are not fulfilled here, but they will not leave the dynamic. 

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