Men find this one quality very attractive in a woman.

by | Dec 2, 2023 | Attraction

Even if they don’t realize it, men are looking for an easy woman to be with. A woman who is easygoing in her nature, laid back, and quite frankly gets along with people. Many little things that can seem unimportant are very important regarding attractiveness and can diminish his desire to be with you. When you’re rude to others, loud and inconsiderate, he thinks,  “Will she be that way with me.” 

The less attractive you are to a man, the lower his motivation is to please you. You can’t force, nag and convince a masculine man to be romantic, loving and caring toward you. You can,  however,  inspire him by increasing your attractiveness and desirability.

If this feels triggering, it may be because you believe “he should love me the way I am.” Well, love does not equal passion, intimacy and sex. We can love without having the desire to be intimate. The desire to be intimate and the inherent desire to please our romantic partner stems from their level of perceived attractiveness and vice versa.

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