Relationships Reflect Consciousness

by | Jan 2, 2023 | The "Inner Work", Relationships

Relationships and Consciousness 

The relationships, men and love we attract will mirror our level of consciousness.

Men WANT to provide for you;

 Men WANT to adore you; 

Men WANT to pursue you;

Men WANT to make you feel safe;

Men AND the Universe want you to have everything you desire. 


Therefore, and with the above assumptions, it is always up to you to do the healing work to allow your heart desires to move toward you. If a man is not pursuing or has pulled back, there is a fundamental disconnection between how we feel and how we are communicating how we feel. If we feel one way toward him, which is usually good, but we are demonstrating we don’t feel good through our behaviours, we will create distance. Masculine energy men want, above all, to make you happy. They want to be your hero. So if you are consistently not feeling good – neither is he. And he WILL pull away and find a woman that will satisfy his masculine desire to feel respected, trusted, and appreciated. If you like him and demonstrate that you do not want him through your actions, words, and feelings, he will not feel compelled to move toward you. 


The Universe works very similarly to men. You must have a deep trust to attract wealth and abundance. The more you distrust and act from a place of lack, the further you dig yourself into a hole of scarcity and not-enoughness. The Universe WANTS you to be financially free. The Universe WANTS you to trust that there is more than enough to go around. The Universe WANTS to surprise you with unexpected money.


We will always attract relationships that match our current state of consciousness so that we may expand into wholeness. Once we take responsibility for what we have drawn to us and our current results, we can shift internally and expand our perception to attract what we truly desire. 


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