She can’t feel safe without your presence. 

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The most important thing I look for in my partner (unconsciously) is his ability to be patient with me. Can he be strong when I’m not? Can he weather my ups and downs? Can he let me be when I need him to be grounded? As a feminine woman, I have emotions. I love being able to feel. It’s what makes me a woman. I want to bring to the surface, though, that I am not emotionally unregulated. That means I meet my own emotional needs. I don’t look for anyone to fill me up; I do that. But I am sensitive. And because I am sensitive, I need a man that is strong. Strength is being able to be there for your partner when she needs you the most. Often, the arguments will be silly, and there will be miscommunication. It’s common and expected in the masculine-feminine dynamic. She’ll want to be seen and heard; he’ll want to fix it. When this occurs, she’ll get a tad bit hyper. What will you do? Will you ground her? Will you step up and hold her? Or will you become defensive, argumentative and distant?

Feminine women need, most of all, a man who is strong emotionally. If a woman doesn’t feel this in her partner, she won’t feel safe with him and without safety, she is not able to be turned on.

Women need more than financial support in our modern world. We’re whole and complete. We need an empathic ear and a feeling of safety from our partner.

This does not mean that a woman acts out emotionally frequently and depends on a man consistently for reassurance. I recommend my book “Secrets of the Feminine Woman, Revealed.” There, I go into the tenets of what it means to be a healthy feminine woman. Feminine women rarely become upset. They are very easy to please and happy women. However, the times that they do need their partner, they expect him to meet his role. His role is to provide grounding, safety and protection. If he does not fulfill his role, he cannot expect her to fulfill hers.

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