Don’t try to be that. Be that.

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Feminine Energy

When we are trying hard to be something we are not, we are not that because when we are that, we are. So, in essence, the element of trying takes us away from that which we seek to be. Femininity, especially, thrives on non-trying-ness or being-ness, which contrasts with its polarity, masculinity. We cannot try to be feminine. We are, or we are not. And the dichotomy is that the element of striving only serves to take us away from that which we seek to be. So what do we do when we are not yet that which we seek to be? Well, quite simply, we don’t try. Instead, we seek to expand our awareness of what it means to be feminine. Efforts should examine the behaviours that keep us away from embodiment versus a forceable trying to be that we are not. The trying not only keeps us away from what we seek to be, which is our true nature, but it creates an even wider separation and, worse, stagnation. 

Separation occurs when we forcibly attempt to become something we are not. When we do this, and we participate in behaviours that can outwardly appear to be that thing which we desire to be, but we are not, we are being incredibly deceptive. We weave others into a web of lies, which will feel good the further removed we are from our authentic nature. However, we will feel the incongruency if we have any sense of who we truly are. We will know we are being deceptive, forceful and inherently dangerous in our behaviours. However, we will not have the restraint to discontinue the charade. Instead, we will justify our inappropriateness in the guise of some moral dilemma that we’ll concoct to fit our biased narrative. When we are removed from the truth, we are not who we seek to be because that which we seek to be is usually that which resides in truth. 

Femininity is energy cloaked in truths. There is no pretending, inauthenticity, or over-exertion of that which one is not, nor is there deception in who one is if one is not yet embodied. 

When we are trying hard, we are performing; Performing to be a role that we are not. It is as if we are auditioning. We are auditioning for a position, and our consolation is the response we receive in our performance. So let me make this very clear: when we try to be feminine, we cannot and are not feminine—trying to be feminine shows up in different ways. But to keep things simple, let’s assume that any form of trying is, in fact, not feminine. And when we catch ourselves trying to be feminine, let us keep in mind that we are further removed from that which we seek to be. 


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