Remaining Open During Difficult Times: Cultivating a Feminine Quality 

by | Apr 21, 2023 | Feminine Energy, Intimacy, Relationships, The "Inner Work"

She remains open, even when it’s challenging to do so.


To be feminine is to be open; the feminine partner remains open to her masculine partner, even when challenging.

This does not mean she does not express her emotions. She expresses her feelings in any way that seems fitting and appropriate for the circumstance. However, she remains open.

Openness is a beautiful quality. In the heat of conflict, openness can be extremely difficult, especially if the feminine has been betrayed, her feelings have not been heard, and she does not feel seen.

Open in this regard is openness to self. She is open to experiencing the plethora of emotions that she is feeling within herself; she does not shame herself for the range of emotions that she experiences within herself. She remains open because she is open to herself, and if she believes that her masculine partner is trustworthy, she can slowly begin to open up to him again.

The feminine can feel the depths of love, despair, hopefulness, gratitude, and forgiveness because she is a vessel of truth and seeks to see the truth. When her emotions have cleared, she can see the truth in love between the two and be open to him even though everything within her wants to remain closed and will want retribution.

However, the feminine is love; therefore, the feminine will always return to love and submit to her masculine partner. This can feel difficult, but the feminine has a deep level of self-trust, so she understands that submission to the Masculine is submission to her heart.

When she does submit to the masculine partner, it may be with emotion but with a desire to end the conflict. He, too, will open. Not only will he open, but he will also feel a deep sense of attraction, love and peace within.

No matter how difficult things get, it’s essential to stay open and honest in our relationships – even when things get hard. Openness is a beautiful feminine quality, so remember to express yourself!

It’s essential to remain open even during times of difficulty. Openness is a beautiful feminine quality and feminine trait. I do not suggest we remain open to the partner when situations are difficult. In this circumstance, we won’t be open if our masculine partner has become defensive and cannot hear us or neglects our feelings. And that’s completely okay, and that’s fair, and I want you to embrace that because if we remain open when our partner is not treating us well at the moment, that is a sign of low self-esteem and low self-worth. And if you’re still open, that’s not coming from an open-hearted place but from your wounding. What’s important to remember as the feminine is to remain open to yourself. So even when life is challenging, we don’t want to close our hearts to ourselves. Openness first comes from within. It’s not an openness to the outside or our partner. First, it is an openness and an ability to remain open to our emotions and heart and not shut the world out even during difficult times.


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