“Trying” To Be Feminine Actually Makes You Masculine.

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Feminine Energy

Femininity is an expression of essence. 

Is the essence of femininity doing or being? Is the essence of femininity performing to achieve an outcome or simply being, playing, and acceptance of what is? 

Trying to be feminine in our behaviours to achieve a particular outcome —-> a man’s attention, love and adoration is heavily masculine. 

A feminine-energy woman doesn’t ”try” to be feminine for any reason and, more importantly, to get the approval of a love interest. 

She is herself. 

In being herself, she is feminine. 

Femininity is not an expression of perfection. 

That, again, is ”trying” and, therefore, the expression of unhealthy masculine energy. 

Move away from trying to be feminine and instead develop an understanding of yourself which will reveal why your tendencies are far removed from your feminine essence.


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