Emotional Guidance System

by | Aug 15, 2022 | The "Inner Work"

Emotions are so often misunderstood and commonly demonized. Yet, emotions are the cornerstone of life. Without emotions, our lives are flat, we cannot attract what we deeply desire, and we lack intuitive insight and awareness. When learned and balanced, emotions can teach us a lot about ourselves and others. Therefore, we want to become attuned to emotions and emotionally fit to live fulfilled lives. 

Communication is comprised mainly of emotion and tonality. The emotion and corresponding energy communicate more than words alone. Emotions are crucial for survival. Think about a newborn baby. Babies communicate strictly by way of emotion; they do not use words to tell us what they need. Our emotions are used in the same way as a newborn baby. A baby uses emotion to communicate its needs much the same way our emotions communicate what we are feeling and needing at any given moment. Our emotions reflect our present state unless we have trapped emotions in our body, which will throw off our internal emotional guidance system. When we choose not to feel or suppress our feelings (and we can do this in several ways), those states get trapped in our bodies. With suppressed emotions, often we lose our ability to sense accurately, and our responses are out of proportion. 

When we are balanced, our emotions serve as a guidepost to our internal state. Balanced is a state of general equilibrium. When we are in balance, we experience happier states of being. That means that, on the whole, we are happy and content. When we are more often than not comfortable and satisfied, we experience a state of internal equilibrium; and our emotions will serve as a guidance system. Since we’re generally content or neutral, when we experience a feeling that appears to be negative, we know to pay attention to that external condition and possibly move away from it. When we are healthy and in balance, we do not move toward pain; instead, we move toward pleasure, peace and harmony. When we move toward situations that create long-term pain (chasing unavailable partners), we are out of balance, and our guidance system has malfunctioned. Instead of our guidance system moving us away from pain, we move toward short-term pleasure. When we have a pattern of moving toward unhealthy situations, our body is saturated with suppressed negative emotion. Purging emotional toxicity is crucial, as a buildup will create a malfunctioned guidance system, leading to a life made up of moments of preventable pain. 


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  1. Zsofia

    So beautifully written!
    The way you formulate the energy into words is mesmerizing!


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