Long Lost Romance

by | Aug 5, 2021 | The "Inner Work"

How can romance exist if we’re so focused on being equal? Romance percolates from the intense desire and organic buildup that naturally forms from the play between the two sexes.

Romance is, by definition, the dance between two opposing forces. It’s the passion that exists from the dynamics of pursuer-pursued. Without this, there cannot be romance. There just can’t. Passion isn’t a natural byproduct of friendship and sameness. Passion is derived from tension and a natural push-pull dance that is so extremely tantalizing. It’s what we came here for. Life without the feeling of romance, sensuality, and deep pleasure is a life devoid of true fulfillment.

Femininity, in essence, is the acceptance and deep embrace of one’s womanhood. Without the acceptance and desire to embrace one’s gender, romance will be and is challenging to come by. By very nature, one must accept their true core essence. Today, too many have idealized the masculine aspects of themselves and have dismissed their feminine nature. Both genders have masculine and feminine energy. However, for passion and romance to exist in any relationship and for the long term, there must be one that is comfortable and welcoming of their masculinity while the other in their femininity. The level of security one feels will directly tie into whether one can express their true nature.

Insecurity and unhealed aspects of self will deny our true nature, therefore the denial of true love.

One can be highly feminine and yet embody masculine aspects. Her masculine elements will appear in her work and her boundaries. The level of her internal security is in direct proportion to her empowered masculine. Healthy, empowered men desire a woman that is strong yet soft. That softness is the pull that draws a man near, and the boundaries are the love that she possesses within. Her self-love will not allow her to abandon herself for anyone, including him. This strength pulls him to her. This is masculinity in form. The insecure woman will feel weak internally and, therefore, control, pressure, and people please to meet her needs. She internally lacks a sense of who she is and must lead with her masculine energy because otherwise, nothing will come to her. This naturally pushes away masculine energy men as now they’ve lost their place in the dynamic. His role is now taken, and usually, he’s so confused by this that he pulls away. Because we don’t understand these dynamics at play, there is much confusion.

We desire romance, yet we can’t seem to experience it. Love is not romance. Two people can love each other but not be sexually drawn to each other. Sexual chemistry and attraction can only come from polarity. The more we can accept ourselves as who we are and embrace our desire to be romanced, the more fulfilled our lives will be.

Romance is the feeling we all deeply crave to have when we see our partner. That doesn’t and won’t go away in an extremely polarized pair. This doesn’t mean that there is no balance. Balance comes from embracing our core essence and developing our non-dominant energy in the right way.

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